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Established nearly two decades ago, Shree Dhanvantari Ayurveda Hospital is a pioneer in the classical "Panchakarma","Kshara Sootra" and "Agnikarma" treatments & specialists in ayurveda.

Under the leadership of Dr.Shambulingaiah.S.Hiremath, with the guidance of Dr.M.Eshwara Reddy, a well known ayurveda specialist in India.

Shree Dhanvantari Ayurveda Hospital

SHREE DHANVANTARI AYURVEDA HOSPITAL is a hospital with a difference. We have specialized in preparing indigenous Ayurvedic medicines that are customized as per each patient's individual medical condition A distinct feature of the hospital is that it combines Ayurvedic treatment with psychological counselling; thereby ensuring that each patient leaves SHREE DHANVANTARI AYURVEDA HOSPITAL with a healthy body & a stress free mind.

With great blessing & incitement of well known Ayurvedic Physician Late Dr.Eshwara Reddy, he founded "SHREE DHANVANTARI AYURVEDA HOSPITAL" in 1992, which is situated in the heart of the city & proudly announced to be the first of its kind with state of art in Bangalore. With zeal enthusiasm & indefatigable professional dedication, We developed the hospital in a phased manner over the year adding more & more facilities to make more effective & efficient treatment to the needy & Chronic Patients.


Why Ayurveda ?

Ayurveda remedies the root imbalances that lead to disease and create optimal conditions for health and healing. Ayurveda teaches that the foundation of true health is alignment with our spiritual nature and living in harmony with the Nature. As Ayurveda uses only natural herbs, medicines & minerals, there are no known side-effects for ayurvedic treatments. Noninvasive diagnostic ayurvedic treatments are beneficial for acute & chronic patients suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart ailments and cancer. Ayurvedic medicine resorts to outward diagnosis of symptoms by studying a patients' habits - diet and daily life, pulse, tongue