Trademark Protection And Logo/Button Usage Policy

1.Trademark Notice

The following acknowledgment must be displayed whenever SDNAH trademarks are used:
"SDNAH" and associated symbols are trademarks of Shree Dhanvantari Ayurveda Hospital"

2.Physical Layout

  • - SDAH symbols and Logos are not to be altered in any way.
  • - Prominence - Use of SDNAH trademarks are to be no less prominent and in the same relative size as the most prominent third party trademark appearing in the page. SDNAH trademarks must be used in a manner that distinguishes them from other marks.
  • - Whenever a SDNAH trademark is used, it must conform to the order of upper and lower case characters, and relative spacing.
  • - SDNAH Logos and Buttons must link to the appropriate URL.

3. In General

  • - SDNAH trademarks must always be used in accordance with established Asian, European, and U.S. practices for the protection of trademark and service mark rights, unless the requirements in the country from which the Web page containing the SDNAH trademark is served are more stringent, in which case the practice of that country must be followed.
  • - SDAH Trademark and Logo-Buttons must not be used in any way that suggests a common, descriptive or generic meaning.
  • - SDAH documents may not be used in connection with documents that do not meet SDNAH's quality standards.
  • - Commercial uses of SDAH trademarks are subject to approval bySDAH.
  • - SDAH reserves the right to refuse usage of its Trademarks, Logos and Buttons.
  • - These Guidelines are subject to modification by SDNAH without notice.

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