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Suffering from Painful, Itchy or Bleeding Piles?.

Hemorrhoids are embarrassing. The fact is,most people will get a hemorrhoid flare-up at some point in their life. A painful lump on your butt or the sight of blood is frightening. You panic and ask, "do I have cancer"?

The good news: most likely it's just a swollen vein - a hemorrhoid. It hurts but is not life threatening.

We suffer in silence because we're too embarrassed to talk about it. The pain and itching become unbearable given that there are so many sensitive nerve endings around the anal area. You can't focus. After a week of suffering you become physically exhausted and mentally depressed. Women avoid having sex, afraid that their partner will find out about their hemorrhoids.

What is a Hemorrhoid? (Piles)

A hemorrhoid is an enlarged vein in the anus (it's also called a varicose vein). In a healthy person, the tissue around the anus fills with blood to regulate bowel movements. However, when there is constant pressure or other factors restricting blood flow, the veins become inflamed. Poor blood flow may cause a blood clot. That results in a painful, swollen, protruding hemorrhoid.

Physicians classify two types of hemorrhoids:

External Hemorrhoids symptoms are itching and burning. Streaks of blood may appear on toilet paper during bowel movements.

Internal Hemorrhoids common symptoms are rectal and intense pain. Internal hemorrhoids often protrude and clot. The presence of mucus and blood is also a sign of internal hemorrhoids.

What Causes Hemorrhoid?
Piles are caused by continuous pressure on the small vein in the anus. Potential causes:

  1. Prolonged sitting or standing
  2. Constipation and straining at bowel movements
  3. Frequent Diarrhea
  4. Excess weight
  5. Pregnancy and childbirth
  6. Age
  7. Genetics
  8. Heavy lifting

Can Hemorrhoids be Cured?

Hemorrhoid Treatments

Rubberband Application - - Elastic bands are wrapped around the base of a Hemorrhoid to cut off blood supply. Within several days, the Hemorrhoids dies and falls off. Some patients experience pain and bleeding after the treatment. It does not cure the cause of Hemorrhoids so they usually reappear.

Infrared Therapy - - Infrared beam is used to burn off some tissues to cut off the blood to the hemorrhoid. Five to six treatments (one per week) are necessary. Although it's advertised as pain-free, many patients complain of intense pain during treatment. It does not cure the cause so the hemorrhoids usually reappear.

Agni Karma

Agni Karma is the best procedure done through Panchaloha Shalaka for external Pile mass and external Fissure skin tag.

Hemorrhoidectomy - - a surgical procedure that removes the hemorrhoids. Statistics have that this treatment may cause incontinence later in life so it is recommended only for severe cases. Many patients complain of intense pain during recovery, so it should be the last resort.

All of the above procedures are painful, expensive and embarrassing. They do not address the source of the problem and therefore are not effective in the long term.

Kshar-sootra (Alkaline thread): An ideal treatment for Interna Pile mass, Sinus and Fistula (Bhagandara) :-

Diseases of anus and rectum are commonly termed as Piles or Massa or mass or moka in general public. These diseases are very frustrating to the suffering person. Among these diseases, Bhagandara (Fistula-in-ano) is a notorious disease to tackle and cure. Even after meticulous surgery, it is very prone to recurrence. For such patients, the Kshar-sutra or Alkaline thread therapy brings a ray of hope. The ksara-sutra ensures complete healing without recurrence. There is no need to stay at the hospital. It is also a good therapy for piles, Fissure, Pilonoidal sinus etc. Dr. Pravin Chowdhary has been performing theses procedures at Tibbia College Hospital of Delhi Govt.

What is Kshara-sutra (Alkaline thread)

A surgical thread is coated with 21 layers of Ayurvedic medicines such as Achyranthus aspera, turmeric, Euphorbia etc. It may also be prepared by using Guggul, Turmeric and some alkaline material.

How it acts

It acts by virtue of chemical cauterization. It destroys the infected material presents in the sinus and makes the wound free of infection. The wound heals beautifully. It also eradicates infected anal glands. The complete eradication of infection ensures complete eradication of disease. When tied in Fissure and piles, it cuts the mass and eradicates infection. Therefore the wound heals without complication. It is natural; therefore, free of side effects.

Duration of therapy


Fistula and Sinus: As per the length of track. Weekly changing of thread. May take one month to six seven months.

Ayurvedic medicines

Oil enema :- Jatyadi taila in Fissure and Fistula. Kasisadi taila in piles and prolapse.

Bowel regulator :- Triphala, Panchasakar powder.

Antiseptic :-  Triphala guggulu, Sepgon, Amebanil etc.
Have information on anus and rectum disorders such as Bhagandar (Fistula), Fissure (badi bavasir), Bleeding Piles or Hemorrhoids (Khuni bavasir) etc; you may avoid life-long frustrations.

Bleeding Piles ( Hemorrhoids)

What are Hemorrhoids :-
These are the varicosities of the rectal veins. They commonly occur at the 3, 7, and 11’O clock position when patients lies down in recumbent position.


  1. 1.Heriditary
  2. 2.Straining during defecation due to constipation, Diarrhoea or Dysentery.
  3. 3.Low roughage diet.
  4. 4.Due to some diseases like Cancer in rectum, Chronic constipation, Colitis, Liver cirrhosis (Portal hypertension), Urinary obstruction etc.
  5. 5.During pregnancy.


Patient notices bleeding during passing stool without pain or with a very little pain. The bleeding occurs drop by drop or by as a jet. The pot is stained by blood points. The condition is known as bleeding piles or Hemorrhoids. It is termed as Khuni bawaseer.

In long standing case of prolapsed piles discharge is a common symptom. The discharge may give rise to itching.

Continuous loss of blood causes low hemoglobin levels, weakness, loss of appetite, giddiness and palpitation in piles patient.

Stages of piles :-
It has four degrees or stages.

Ist Degree :- Piles don’t come outside the anus during defecation. There is only painless bleeding.

IInd Degree :- In second stage they may come out but reduce spontaneously.

IIIrd Degree :- In the third stage they come out during defecation and patient has to reduce them manually.

IVth Degree :- Permanent prolapse of Piles.

Treatment of bleeding Piles

Stage Wise:-
First degree: By Ayurvedic medicine comprising of bowel regulator, astringents and digestives.
Second degree: Ayurvedic medicines, Infra-red waves (to stop bleeding), Laser coagulation, Injection therapy and Banding at the base of the piles.
Third and forth degree: Ligation and excision is performed. Ligation with the help of Ayurvedic surgery (Kshar-sutra) gives better results in comparison to modern surgery.
Kshar-sutra is found to be very useful in the management of piles.

  1. Complete cure of the Ano-rectal diseases.
  2. No Hospitalization - Day care treatments.
  3. No Incontinence.
  4. No Recurrence.
  5. Less Pain
  6. No Blood Loss.
  7. Patient is back to work from next day
  8. Safe treatment

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